Monkeys Love To Eat...

...and so do we.
It's one of the reasons
our nickname "Monkey" stuck.
We call each other Monkey,
to the amusement of family & friends.

Monkeys Love To Dream

We are two Monkeys, full of ideas, and with an appetite for adventure.
One fateful night, we went camping and a storm was raging around us. 

We dreamt of tasty snacks we would want to eat
and that we would want to make together.
When we caught wind of MONKEY BAR,
we knew what to make: It's Bananas!
I guess we're Monkeys after all. 

We developed a new kind of fruit & nut bar
with a mission to bring happiness to all the land!
What started as a dream has become our reality:
bringing our mission of health & happiness to the world!

To more dreams together & better snacks for all!

Sophie & Ben

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